Blooming Lovely's Blog

A Blooming Lovely welcome to you, thank you for popping over to our blog page.

 We hope you enjoy what we post into our blog. This blog is mainly to portray to you, what work goes into everyday shop life here at Blooming Lovely from the first cuppa when we get in to the last just before we go home to our beautiful families. We hope to keep it fun and informative for your enjoyment.


Every day brings in new people looking for something unique and personal for their special occasion from a welcoming a new baby into a family, to a loving farewell tribute for a dear loved one and every occasion in-between. We find it a great privilege in providing fabulous floral gifts/arrangements for you and the greatest honour in making loving funerals tributes for your loved ones.

With this each day well even, each hour can bring a mix of emotions into us at the shop. From an extremely excited newly Engaged loved up couple planning their wedding flowers at 10.00am to someone who has suffered a terrible loss organising funeral tributes at 10.30am. We pride ourselves on customer service making sure we offer the right support to everyone’s different needs. By being sympathetic and supportive when needed and by joining in the with the excitement as well as staying professional at all times of course. We feel most proud that we are entrusted to create floral arrangements for people’s special occasion.

That’s why as soon as the flowers/foliage are brought into the shop from our preferred suppliers they go through a process called conditioning. Not to worry we aren’t putting hair products onto them! We can be a bit daft very occasional but not when we are caring for our beautiful flowers.

It simply means we take the stems out of the wrap or box they arrive in to avoid them sweating, (we might keep some tropical flowers in there wrap in the colder months.) We then cut every stem on an angle to provide the flowers/foliage with a better clean surface area to drink up the water. They are then place into clean vases with our specialist treated water designed to prolong vase life. Then we pop the vases onto our stand to display them in all their glory.

Every florist will go through this process for every flower delivery, there is a lot of care that goes on behind the scene in florist. We know which flowers like to be colder and which need to be that little be warmer to stay beautiful. We know tricks on how to keep the warm lovers warm in the colder months and the cold lovers cool in the summer months. We know what grade of flower to order in to get the best quality for your needs. When to order in for weddings so the flower is at its best on your big day. We have had years of training so we can care for the flowers and overall prolong their vase life as much as we can for you to enjoy them that little bit longer.  



Making the most of it.

We loving care for our flowers right until they leave our shop. Then they become yours which means it’s down to you to care for them and of course you want to make the most of them. So, I’m going to tell you some top rules to follow so you can!

The top rules that apply to all flowers how ever they might be arranged are;

1.       Keep out of direct sunlight as light the singe the petals.

2.       Keep away from any heat source or the same might happen.

3.       Keep out of draughts, no one likes a breeze going up their trouser legs!

4.       Keep as cool as possible to prolong their vase life. That’s why the shop is always freezing and so are our hands, which must be why nobody wants to hold them!

5.       But if you have tropical flowers, they would prefer just room temperature.

6.        They will usually be in a water source either a water bomb with our treated flower food water or into foam they do not need anything added to the water sources like any more flower food, sugar ,bleach or pennies, as these can cause risks of bacteria to grow or the flowers to bloom faster due to the food rush. Just like we gain a few blooming pounds when  get the sweet tooth kicks in!


More specific rules for your certain type of floral arrangement.

Hand tied into a water bomb (aqua pack)

1.       Follow the top set rules above.

2.       After 2-3 days if you have a clean vase big enough for your handtied arrangement we recommend  you remove the water bomb (over the sink !) let the water drain out and remove just the cello trying not to cut the tying ribbon as the hand tied will then remain arranged so you can easily place into a clean vase with fresh clean water.

3.        If you don’t have a vase not to worry you can just take you arrangement over the sink to avoid spillages and carefully and slowly pore water into the flowers so it trickles down into the water bomb be careful not to over fill as it will flow out ever where! You can see where the water line is to in the water bomb.


Arrangements into foam.

1.       Follow the top set of rules.

2.       Do not take the flower out of the foam! The foam gathers inside the stems so they can suck the water up from the foam but if removed and placed into a vase with water the flower/foliage with no be able to drink due to being blocked up with foam also the stem will most likely of been cut down shorter to be arranged.

3. There is no real need to do any thing with these sort of arrangements other than a drop of clean fresh water every other day onto the foam, but only a drop as to much can make the foam crumble or even better you can spray the flowers a little bit with clean fresh water from just a hair spritz bottle or something similar. Just a few sprays a day so the flowers petals can soak up the water.